How to Workout by Accident

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Question: I've been trying to lose weight for a long time now, and I always lose motivation. What can I do to stay motivated?

Try changing your perspective around losing weight. Draw your attention away from the number on the scale, and instead, towards how you feel when you eat well and exercise daily. It doesn't have to be an intimidating change to your lifestyle.

The truth is, I don't like working out. Signing up for a class feels like picking the lesser of two evils. If you're anything like me, then the only way to work out is by tricking yourself into it. I do that by walking everywhere; walking to castings, walking to work, walking to going on a walk with a friend, basically anywhere within a twenty block radius (I aim for 10-20,000 steps a day). Another way to trick yourself into working out is by signing up for really obnoxiously expensive workouts that you can't afford to not show up to. Money motivates me. Discover what motivates you, and use it to give you that extra push.

Eating well comes slightly more natural to me than exercise. I'm a creature of habit; I could eat the same three meals every day for a month and not get bored, so find out what you like and stick to it. Don't eat white fish and steamed greens for lunch if you're not going to enjoy it. Get creative! If you love tacos, swap out the shell for a lettuce cup, or if you drink a lot of soda, try a carbonated alternative like Kombucha or flavored sparkling water. Mealtime should always be a positive experience.

And most importantly, human beings aren’t perfect, so we shouldn’t expect perfection out of ourselves. Consistency is more effective than crash dieting, and periods of deprivation. Extremes on either end aren’t sustainable. Just like with anything you do, you need to have balance, because life is too short to not have a slice of pizza with your friends at 2 am.

Lots of love,

Gabby xx

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