Dealing with Rejection

Photo by GR Feng

Photo by GR Feng

Question: I’ve been rejected by 3 agencies in my town, and I feel devastated. How do you deal with rejection?

No matter how successful, how beautiful, or how experienced you are, rejection is inevitable in life, in dating and in work. I hear no all the time in my career, and it’s easy to fall into a negative headspace, and let it define you and your self worth. I think the most painful part of rejection isn’t the loss of the job itself (or agency, in your case), but it’s what we tell ourselves that loss means for the future. It’s similar to the hopelessness we experience after our first heartbreak, when often we feel like we’ll never be loved again, but it’s really not a logical feeling. You can’t take the decision personally, because it isn’t personal. There are so many reasons behind every decision, especially one in business, and it’s not fair on yourself to let a couple ‘no’s’ affect your confidence in ever hearing a ‘yes’. There’s no perfect path, and there’s no such thing as easy success, so try to embrace this obstacle, and stay positive. You might even discover a new opportunity or new career path through this journey. Good luck!

Lots of love,

Gabby  xx